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Since our founding in 1999, John Pierce & Company has worked hard to become a nationally recognized media brokerage firm. We specialize in the sale of radio and television stations, appraisals, consulting and more. Allow us to help you meet your goals as broadcasters in the ever-evolving media industry with our 50 years of expertise working in radio and TV.



Our firm has more than 30 years of specialized brokerage experience to assist our clients in buying or selling radio and television stations across the country. We are trustworthy and confidential aides as we walk our clients through the transaction process and connect them with their ideal buyer/seller.

Appraisals & Valuations

It's critical to have an accurate valuation of a station that is going to be involved in a transaction. We closely consider a number of factors when assessing a station's value, and pride ourselves on providing precise and fair appraisals for our clients.


Media transactions can be complicated processes. We are always accessible to provide knowledge, analysis and advice during the buying or selling process. Whether you're preparing for a sale or just wanting to learn what the process will entail, our team can guide you every step of the way.



John Pierce & Company has brokered hundreds of transactions since its founding in 1999. From working with first-time buyers to some of the largest radio networks in the country, we have served clients from a wide variety of backgrounds. Below are some of the notable clients we have done transactions with throughout the years.

  • ABC/Disney

  • Advanced Media Partners

  • American General Media

  • Anchor Radio

  • AVM Broadcasting

  • Beasley Media Group

  • Bible Broadcasting Network

  • Birach Broadcasting Corporation

  • Booth-Cobb Media

  • Bott Radio Network

  • Broadcast Communications, Inc.

  • Catholic Community Radio

  • Catholic Radio of the TX High Plains

  • Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting

  • Christian Broadcasting System

  • Crawford Broadcasting Company

  • CRC Broadcasting Company

  • Cumulus Media

  • Davidson Media Group

  • D & E Communications

  • Educational Media Foundation

  • Entertainment Media Trust 

  • Grace Community Church of Amarillo

  • Gutierrez Communications

  • Hammond Broadcasting

  • Holy Family Communications

  • Iglesia Nueva Vida of High Point

  • iHeart Media

  • Langer Broadcasting Group

  • L M Communications

  • La Promesa Foundation

  • Latin World Broadcasting

  • LRAD Media

  • Martz Communications Group

  • Mortenson Broadcasting

  • Mountain Broadcasting Corporation

  • New Albany Broadcasting Company

  • North Texas Public Broadcasting

  • Progressive Media, Inc.

  • Providence Educational Foundation

  • Radio Vision Cristiana Management

  • Red Rock Broadcasting (formerly Simmons Media Group)

  • Reign Enterprizes

  • Rivera Communications

  • Royce Broadcasting International

  • Sacred Heart Radio

  • Salem Media Group

  • Stayton Communications

  • TBLC Media

  • Tejas Broadcasting

  • Truth Broadcasting

  • Union Broadcasting

  • VCI Radio

  • W & B Broadcasting Company

  • Wilkins Communications Network

About John Pierce & Co.

John Pierce & Company, LLC was founded in 1999 by John L. Pierce (1951-2018), a nationally recognized media broker who had nearly 50 years of experience working in the radio and television industry. In 1975, Mr. Pierce founded Paragon Advertising & Communications, Inc., which places media clients and syndicated programs on radio and television. Mr. Pierce also founded the first radio station in his hometown of Florence, KY in 1984: WFKB-AM 1180 kHz, which is now owned and operated by Christian Broadcasting System as WCVX-AM 1160 kHz, Cincinnati's Christian talk radio. With Mr. Pierce's lifelong passion for radio that began in his teens (one of his first jobs was as a disc jockey at a local radio station), it made sense for him as an industry expert to put his knowledge to work, serving as a broker for the numerous contacts he had connected with over the years. Mr. Pierce worked as a broker for Force Communications throughout the 1980s and '90s, until starting his own firm in 1999.

John was a mentor to his daughter, Ashleigh, on the world of radio, television, and media brokerage.

Ashleigh Pierce has been interested in media since she was a child, growing up around a father who turned his passion into a career. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with degrees in journalism and entrepreneurship, Ashleigh decided to join the family businesses, working as the Director of Operations for Paragon and later continuing the work of her father as a media broker for John Pierce & Company. A member of the National Association of Media Brokers, Ashleigh worked under the direction of her father to learn all there is to know about the industry and connect with the community. Much like her dad, Ashleigh's passion for radio and tireless drive allows for a motivated broker who is excited to serve the media industry at any capacity.


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